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Apply to Become a Carrier for Turbo Freight


Turbo Freight takes pride in creating a strong relationship with experienced carriers. If you provide hot shot, dry van, flatbed or other motor carrier services and would like to become a carrier for Turbo Freight you will be required to complete a carrier application and you must meet the following requirements:


  • Licensing requirement

  • Vehicle Inspection requirement

  • Experience requirement


To request a carrier application for Turbo Freight, use the Contact Form on our website, or send an email request to or call Turbo Freight at 855-887-2644. Please make sure to include the type of services you provide in the email or subject section of the contact form.



Notification of Available Loads


To receive notifications of available loads by email or fax send your email address to Only approved carriers will be eligible to receive assignment from Turbo Freight.





We appreciate the services provided by our carriers and make every effort to make payment as quickly as possible. For information about our payment terms, payment policy, paperwork requirements and how to get set up for quick payment via direct deposit, please reference your carrier application and agreement. For additional payment information or inquiries regarding an outstanding invoice please send a detailed email to



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