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Turbo freight provides flat bed trucking solutions for local, regional, and cross-country delivery. From materials to heavy equipment, our carrier will get the product to your final destination.

Hot Shot / Expedited

Hot shot delivery for freight, vehicles, RVs and boats. Need true hot shot? Our carriers will wait for the product to arrive or be manufactured and expedite it to the final destination.

Oversize / Heavy Equipment


Turbo Freight brokers the transportation of oversize loads, heavy equipment and machinery, including wide loads and hauls that require logisitics and special route planning.

Tanker / Oilfield

Turbo Freight provides logistics and transportation services for oilfield and related industries, including tanker trucks for crude oil hauling.




In today's Global Market companies need to be able to move their products around the world. Turbo Freight provides intermodal shipping solutions to meet global delivery needs.

Dry Van


Turbo Freight provides dry van shipping solutions both regionally and cross-country. We have carriers with trucks and vans that can accomodate any size load, including LTL.

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